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Ecotourism In Iran | Iran Trip Tailor

visit one of the best ecotourism destinations in the Middle East and Asia

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Ecotourism In Iran

Iran is not only famous for ancient civilization with plenty of historical places, but it also has lots of natural wonders.

Having a natural, beautiful and pristine landscape, different climates and various animal and plant species make Iran one of the five countries in the world with the highest biodiversity and very attractive for Eco-tourists. Moreover, Iran is considered as one of the best ecotourism destinations in the Middle East and Asia.

Ecotourism activities are gradually becoming for many tourists favorite and popular in Iran. Iran has a remarkable biodiversity, and also different natural attractions such as temperate forests in the north, dazzling deserts and salt lakes in the central part of Iran, high mountains (such as 5,604 meter high Mount Damavand), rivers and coastal areas.

What is most interesting is the difference in temperature between the two regions, which are very close, As it is possible to go skiing in the Zagros Mountains and within a few hours later, go to the southern areas and Swim or water-ski on the coast of the Persian Gulf. So you can enjoy different adventures in one trip.

Iran’s territory is so varied and rich in resources, and no doubt that ecotourism will gain the attention it deserves. On the territory of Iran, there are more than 131 protected areas and 26 national parks. Most of them are suitable for eco-tourism, where visitors can not only see but also touch the pristine nature.

Iran is home to 514 bird, 172 mammals, 199 reptiles, 20 amphibia, 173 fish and 9000 plant species. Also, there are 131 protected areas, including, 26 national parks, 91 natural reserves, 12 world heritage sites and lots of attractions with natural or historical importance.

Popular ecotourism activities in Iran include trekking in mountains, desert trekking, bird watching in coastal areas and wetlands, diving, watching Martian Mountains and special ecological phenomena (Badab-e Surt Springs, Rainbow Mountains, Chahkooh Canyon, ..) visiting stairs villages and rural areas. Staying on Ecotourism and Traditional Guest Houses is another unique experience because there is a large cultural diversity in Iran. Different ethnic groups and folks live in various parts of Iran. Each of these ethnic groups has its own history, culture, customs, traditions, and language.

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