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Iran Tours

Best Iran Tours 2019 In Iran Trip Tailor:

Iran is a vast country and greatly diverse, not only in nature but also in culture and customs. Although the main reason that tourists travel to Iran is Iran rich cultural and historical places, but the country is beyond, providing a range of different activities and memorable experiences.

Some of tourists prefer to travel by tours because when they travel to a country for a first time, especially a country like Iran that is a country with different culture, they want to have a pre-written Iran travel itinerary to feel more secure and comfortable.

Given the above, there are various Iran tours which cover a part of traveler tastes. Due to the diversity of Iran tours, you probably need to get help an Iran trip advisor for planning your suitable trip.

An Iran trip advisor can offer you an Iran tour package or plan a tailor made trip base on your desires. You can also choose each of them that you like most and change them by your time schedule to have an unforgettable travel to Iran.

In this page we will introduce you different types of Iran tours and details about travel to Iran


Cultural Tours

Culture of Iran, is one of the oldest in the world and it has influenced cultures like Italy, Macedonia, Greece, Russia, the Arabian Peninsula, and parts of Asia.

Iran is a nation of fabulous cultural wealth and historical significance whose people are friendly, and rightly proud of their long heritage.

Owing to its vastness, every corner of Iran has its own traditions, customs, local foods, handmade products and even lifestyle that you may have a hard time deciding where to start. Iran tours are a great way to discover the country from those who know it best. You can consult with an Iran trip advisor and it will offer you the best cultural tours to have a one-of-a-kind sense of Iran.

  • Museums

There are a lot of museums in Iran to showcase artifacts and present the Persian rich culture and stories of civilization to an international audience

The Treasury of the National Jewels, the National Museum and the Sheikh Safi Museum in Ardabil are just a handful of venues that feature the collage of Iran’s historical and traditional past. In addition, Tehran’s Contemporary Art Museum showcases over 7,000 texts in both Persian and English as part of a specialized library.

  • Bazaars

For centuries, the endless labyrinthine of architectural marvels combined with colorful charm of traditional goods and scent of oriental spices has allured visitors of the bazaar.

Traditional bazaars in Iran are a treasure trove of goods and handicrafts but shopping is not the only thing here. A visit to the bazaar is an experience in itself as it is an opportunity to get a glimpse of the lives of the local populace, as can you find people from all walks of life, coming from different districts and belonging to different social and cultural layers interact with each other and exchange goods, words, greetings, and tips.

You will see all sorts of items such as toys, clothes, spices, jewelry, food, bags, rugs and others.

You will also find some of the best craftsmen in the country that sell handmade products that cost hundreds of dollars.

Due to long history of fine silk and wool rug weaving in Iran, Persian rugs are internationally known as the most beautiful across the world and you can find a Superb Collection of Persian Rugs in such these bazaars. For instance Tabriz Bazaar that is registered in UNESCO list is famous for its dazzling Handmade Persian rugs.

There are many historical and traditional bazaars in Iran (mostly in big old cities such as Tabriz, Tehran, Shiraz, Yazd and Esfahan) that its architecture and beauty is wonderful and catch every tourist’s eyes. Explore in these colorful local bazaars and sense a real people lifestyle is an unforgettable experience.


Travel to Iran is an opportunity to experience cultural realities and people customs. There are a lot of annual cultural and religious festivals in Iran that offer a window into the everyday lives of the people. And participating in any one of them is sure to give you a different perspective of the country.

Of all the Persian national festivals, the New Year celebrations (Nowruz) are at once the most important and the most colorful which is added to the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. This festival embodies a wealth of ancient rites and customs, and is about the only one in Persia which is not confined to the traditions of only one religious group. It symbolizes that continuity of the ancient Persian culture which has survived so many adversities and vicissitudes.

Nowruz is a nice and good time to visit Iran and see Iranian culture so that every year numerous tourists travel to Iran to enjoy such a wonderful festival with all of its traditions and customs. Because Nowruz is the most crowded time in holidays of Iran, You may have difficulty to manage your trip such as flight, hotel, transportation and visiting attraction. As a result it seems a good Idea to travel by Iran tours for coordination.

In addition, the rosewater festival in Kashan is a long-standing and spectacular traditional ceremony, date backs to many years ago. Every year many holidaymakers travel to Iran to visit the historical and natural attractions of Kashan and also participate in the festival. In the spring and summer, visiting Kashan for the festival is an inseparable part of Iran tours.

The following is a list of other well known festivals in Iran including religious and cultural ones: Chaharshanbeh Souri, Yalda, Tasua and Ashura.

  • Nomad

Due to the diversity in nature and climate, groups of people in Iran settle in different habitat, So that each group has their own life way and customs. Todays many tourists who travel to Iran have a tendency to experience a real life of locals in their natural habitat.

Iran nomad tours present authentic travel experiences, expressly designed to showcase the lifestyle of the nomad tribes and to promote responsible and sustainable tourism. These interesting Iran tours is designed for those who are fascinated by local culture and incredible sceneries, providing unique opportunities to meet and trek with nomadic tribes in Iran as they migrate with their goats, sheep and mules. An Iran trip advisor will help you to choose a  good nomad tour including expert translators so you will be able to converse with the nomads and learn about their culture; you will sleep how they sleep, eat what they eat, and go where they go.

Be prepared for the unexpected by Iran nomad tours and you will be received warmly by locals!

Historical & Heritage Tours

With a staggering 19 UNESCO-listed World Heritage Sites and a history of empire stretching all the way back to 1000 B.C, Iran is one of the world’s top 10 countries in terms of archaeological and cultural sites with plenty of ancient monuments, for that reason  almost all of Iran tours include visiting historical places.

A Historical & Cultural Tour to Iran contains the most important historical places and famous heritage sites, locating such popular cities as Tehran, Esfahan, Shiraz, Kerman, Yazd, Kashan and Hamedan. In this type of Iran tours you can visit UNESCO-listed World Heritage Sites, As an example Persepolis(Takhte Jamshid)is possibly Iran’s most famous ancient site with more than 2500 years of history. In addition, you have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful palaces, see the stunning mosques, explore ancient citadel and stroll along the glamorous Persian gardens.

You will be able to plunge in the history and culture of Iran and get acquainted with the amazing ancient facts!


  • Palaces

Since the days of the Persian Empire, many beautiful palaces have been constructed in Iran. These magnificent houses were built at a high-quality and great cost. The best skilled architect and artists have worked together to build them. Palaces should be considered as one of the finest examples of Persian architecture and the major tourist attraction in Iran.

Golestan Palace is the oldest historic monument in the city of Tehran and a UNESCO World Heritage site. This palace is included in almost every Iran tour packages.

Chehel Sotun and Ali-Kapu Palace in Isfahan, Saadabad and Niavaran Palace in Tehran and Apadana Palace of Shush are the most famous of its kind in Iran.

  • Mosques

Mosques are one of the most important historical monuments that attract many tourists to Iran every year. It is obviously a mixture of architecture and art. Their design and beauty are fabulous. The intricate tile work, paintings, colors and design display Islamic and Persian artistry. When you enter some mosques, it will be like reading a history book. Some are centuries old and exhibit the influences of different epochs.

The most famous mosque in Iran is Nasir al-Mulk, also known as the Pink Mosque. Its color stained glass windows are amazing. It is the blend of geometric designs, symmetry, and vibrant colors that dazzle the eyes of visitors and locals alike. It becomes more beautiful early morning because the sunlight will reflect the colors on the carpet.

 Other notable mosques include the Imam and Jameh Mosques in Esfahan, Vakil and Shah-e Cheragh Mosques in Shiraz, and the Jame Mosque in Yazd, just to name a few.

  • Gardens

In Persia, Green spaces and gardens have always played an important role in Iranian culture as in the past the kings surrounded themselves with marvelous private gardens.

The Persian gardens used for both irrigation and ornamentation and are unique examples of majestic Iranian architecture and art.

Apart from the role of Persian Gardens in Iranian architecture and urban designing, the gardens have had the most significant influence in the artistic design of Persian carpets. In Persian carpets, gardens, as the symbols of paradise, transcend the restrictions of place and time and picture a world in which the body and soul can achieve peace.

There are 12 UNESCO World Heritage Persian Gardens in the world, including 9 in Iran.

Eram Garden in Shiraz and Fin Garden in Kashan are very famous Persian gardens in Iran. They are usually included on all Iran tours especially in spring and summer as a popular attraction


Eco Tours

Iran has lots of natural wonders. Having a natural, beautiful and pristine landscape, different climates and various animal and plant species make Iran one of the five countries in the world with the highest biodiversity and very attractive for Eco-tourists. Moreover, Iran is considered as one of the best ecotourism destinations in the Middle East and Asia.

Stunning waterfalls, deserts, forests,  lagoons, caves, swamps, and lakes represent a diverse array of climatic zones and landforms, comparable only to the continental US.

In recent years and with the growing number of tourists traveling to Iran, Trekking Iran Nature has become a trend.


  • Desserts

Iran Deserts cover about 34 million hectares of the 1648195 square kilometers land of Iran. Deserts of Iran are very beautiful and virgin so that every year numerous tourists travel to Iran to see the beauty of this ecological condition.

Deserts in Iran are fascinating not just because of their unforgettable scenery, but also because of their long, ancient and enchanting history.

The fabulous sunset of the desert, the moonrise, the stars, the dunes, the camels, the traditional houses catch every tourist’s eyes and the silence of the desert can be heard everywhere.

Maranjab in Kashan, Bafgh in Yazd, Lut in Kerman, Mesr and Garmeh in Isfahan are top Iran desert destinations to see.

Considering special condition of Iran deserts that generally located in rural areas, you need to take a tour after consulting with an Iran trip advisor. There are different types of Iran tours including desert activity such as desert trekking, safari, camel riding and camping in traditional caravansary

  • Mountains

Iran has two major ranges of mountains called the Alborz and the Zagros. There are many high mountains to climb over these ranges. Mount Damavand is the highest peak in Iran so that each year it attracts many mountaineers around the world. Mount Sabalan is another famous mountain, located at the north west of Iran with the highest peak 4811m.

  • Caves

Iran has several fabulous and amazing caves that are definitely worth a visit. Among them are the longest salt caves of the world in Qeshm Island. In addition the biggest water cave around the world is located in Hamedan, named AliSadr cave. The other famous ones are Katal-e-Khor cave in Zanjan, Chal-e-Nakhjir Cave in Delijan and Ghoori Ghaleh Cave in Paveh.

Exploring these wonderful caves in Iran can be an unforgettable part of an Iran tour.

  • Lakes

Among fascinating destinations in Iran, lakes play an important role in making domestic and foreign tourists have a memorable travelogue. Not only visiting the lakes is interesting, but also Shrubs, bushes, and birds like flamingos, pelicans, white and gray hawks that are seen around the lake, created a marvelous region with a special ecosystem around lakes.

For some adventurous activity like bird-watching or boating in Iran lakes, you need to use an Iran tour for guidance and coordination because of legal requirements or necessary equipment.

 Some of these lakes are amazingly unique such as Lipar Lake in Chabahar or Maharloo Lake in Shiraz which are in pink color due to a high percentage of pink-colored algae. There are many lakes all around the world but Colored Lakes and Pink Lake are very scarce and special.

The other famous lakes in Iran are Zarivar, Gahar, Neor, Valasht and Urmia.

  • Waterfalls

Owing to Iran’s mountains and high rainfall in some regions, there are many beautiful waterfalls. The waterfalls are as diverse as they are many, and they are worth a visit. Whether you like to swim, hike or sightsee, the range of waterfalls in Iran will be impressive.

 Latoon waterfall in Gilan providence is considered as the highest one in Iran with 105 meters height.

 Margoon waterfall, located in Sepidan city, falls from the heart of a rocky mountain and has about 70 meters height and 100 meters width and is considered as the biggest waterfall in Iran.

If Shevy Waterfall is not the largest one in Iran, it is at least one of them in terms of length and width. Due to the difficulty of reaching, the waterfall is stunningly beautiful and virgin, located in the Zagros Mountains and you probably need an Iran tour to visit.

  • Staircase villages

Iran has a lot of Villages with startlingly beautiful landscapes. Every year a large number of tourists travel to Iran to visit rural regions and their spectacular sceneries. The most famous ones are Staircase villages, situated on the lower slopes of mountains in Iran. The unique architectural forms of these villages, with the roofs of lower buildings forming the courtyards of upper buildings, make them very attractive and interesting to visit. In many regions of Iran, there are several Staircase villages with its own feature and specialties.

The most unusual and amazing quality of such these kind of villages is that the roofs of many of the houses connect directly to, or even form a part of, the street serving the houses above. Therefore, Stunning landscape in the country can be seen. In addition to fascinating and wonderful architecture, these villages are beautiful complex, remained from history with traditions, manners and customs, handicrafts, and many natural and historical sites, so that they are the host of thousands of eager guests and visitors every year.

Abyaneh, Kandovan and Masouleh are some of the most wonderful and well-known staircase villages in Iran. Travelers who are eager to see beautiful sights and real rural experience choose Iran tours containing Eco tours.


Adventure Tours

  • Desert adventures
  • There are different types of Iran tours including desert activities such as desert trekking, desert safari and camel riding.

One amazing activity to enjoy is a desert trekking. You can discover fascinating facts about desert plants, animals, geology, history, culture and lifestyle and enjoy the fun and exciting desert adventure. It is a superb and great adventure.

 This fabulous activity is included in all Iran desert tours.

  • Mountain trekking and Mountain climbing

There are nine peaks above 13,000 feet in Iran, which means plenty of options for climbing enthusiasts are there. Mountaineering is becoming a popular pastime.

Considering needs to know the basics for mountain climbing and trekking such as familiarity with the route, food program, carrying backpack and equipment, acclimation and its approaches, the most essential equipment that should be provided, physical and the environmental hazards, choosing Iran mountaineering tours is a reasonable option.

 Furthermore, It is necessary to know, what level of physical fitness you need to have; In what months of the year you should climb; What days of the week you should climb; The climbing should start at what time of the day and what pace; And many more basics that you can find out after a negotiation with an Iran trip advisor.

  • Skiing

There are about 16 ski resorts all across Iran. One of the best things about skiing in Iran is that the slopes are one of the best-kept secrets in the world. The amenities at the major resorts in DizinTochal, Shemshak, and Darbandsar are not world-class, but the snow is excellent. Additionally, prices are cheap compared to European getaways. Skiing in Iran offers a true adventure, combining amazing culture and unforgettable skiing experiences.

  • Diving and water activities

Perhaps diving is not an activity that comes to mind when thinking of Iran, but there is excellent diving to be had in the Persian Gulf. Travelers can see dolphins, Hawksbill turtles, and other marine life. The best spots are Kish and Qeshm Island. There are many resorts on these islands and a lot of adrenaline activities such as Parasailing, Jet Ski, diving, banana and etc can be done over there.

  • Bungee jumping

Tochal Bungee Jumping is the first jumping club in Iran, located in the north of Tehran and within the Bam-e-Tehran.

40 meter jumping over Tehran City can give you a wonderful adrenaline kick. It is possible to take immediate training for all ages. In compare of other countries, the price is very cheap and reasonable.

  • Rafting

Since there are many rivers with tough water in Iran, It is possible to feel a high adventure in rivers by Iran Rafting tours. Some of best destination for this activity in Iran is Armand, Haraz and Sefidrod rivers. It has been selected for tourism-sports activities in the comprehensive plan of river ecotourism.

Due to the importance of safety and specific requirements, it is inevitable to use an Iran tour for this adventurous activity.

  • Zipline

Tochal zipline is one of the most exciting parts of the Tochal multi-activity complex. It is Located in Health Road of the complex that experience the climax of excitement.

At the Tochal zipline, you will fly at a height of 60 meters above the ground and will land about 200 meters on the other side.

  • Telecabin

Tochal is great for a day-trip from Tehran as it is so close to the city. In fact, the Telecabin that takes visitors up is right on the edge of the city.

Tochal Telecabin is a part of the Tochal multi-activity complex and one of the world’s longest gondola lift lines with a length of 7500 m.

The Telecabin is the only way to access the Tochal ski resort and other recreational centers on the mountain. The upgraded safety standards of the lines allow families and athletes to enjoy the ride and the other facilities.


Religious Tours

Religious tourism is a type of tourism, where people travel individually or in groups for pilgrimage, missionary, or leisure (fellowship) purposes. Tourism phenomenon is significantly based on the socio cultural dimensions of any society.

 This is particularly true in the case of Iran, a country that possesses a large number of cultural heritage and religious attractions. Every year million pilgrims travel to Iran to visit holy shrines and experience an atmosphere making them spiritually renewed with stronger faith.

In this kind of Iran tours you will visit main religious sites or religious festivals.

  • Holy shrines

For pilgrims visiting Iran, the shrines of the Shia shrines of Imam Reza in Mashhad made by pure gold and that of his sister, Hazrat Massoumah in Qom, Jamkaran Mosque with its eye catching green and blue colors and Holy Shrine of Emam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, are most popular attractions.

Further there are other popular religious attractions for non-Muslims such as Vank Cathedral in Isfahan Province, The Armenian Monastic Ensembles of Iran, listed with UNESCO ( consists of three monastic ensembles of the Armenian Christian faith: St Thaddeus and St Stepanos and the Chapel of Dzordzor)  and Pir-e Sabz Chak Chak in Yazd Province that is a holy place for Zoroastrians.

  • Religious festivals

There are so many special religious festivals all around Iran. These ceremonies are so interesting for domestic and international tourists so that they try to arrange their trip itinerary in a way to watch these festivals and costumes as much as possible. The most famous one is Ashura, a religious observance celebrated on the 10th day of Muharram, first month on the Islamic calendar. Ashura in Iran is a holiday. Watching Tazi’eh performance is a unique interesting experience for tourists. Tazi’eh is nowadays performed during Ashura in Iran and some cities are more famous for this performance, like Tehran, Kashan,  Yazd, etc. This ritual was inscribed on the intangible cultural heritage list of UNESCO in 2010.

The ninth day of Muharram is also celebrated as the commemoration of Abolfazl Al Abbas, the brother of Imam Hussein; this day is called Tasua. Zanjan city in Iran is so famous for its special big festival in the afternoon of Tasua. This festival is unique in Iran and cannot be seen in other cities. Many visitors and bloggers from around the world travel to Iran each year, just to see this big festival. There are also other festivals in other cities as well. For example, in Yazd, you can see Nakhl Gardani, which is carrying a big majestic wooden Nakhl on the shoulders of mourners– this is the symbol of Imam Hussain’s coffin. While each Iran city has the rituals of Muharram, but some are more unique. Yazd, Bam, Zanjan, Bushehr, Bandar Abbas and Kashan are some of these cities.


Medical Tours

 Iran has a tremendous potential for medical tourism as the tourists can greatly benefit from Iranian health facilities. Every year numerous medical tourists pick Iran as a travel destination for treatment purposes due to its low costs of sugary and treatments and also skilled experienced doctors. Furthermore it has plenty of accredited medical universities and has made great progress in the sciences.

There are an extensive network of highly equipped hospitals, around 850 hospitals, and rehabilitation centers at reasonable costs in Iran.

Some Iran tours provide a range of health service for outbound visitors. A Medical tour includes a scheduled program for accommodation, booking a doctor appointment to prescribe your medical case and some other coordination with clinic or hospital. Before travel to Iran for treatment, you need to contact with an Iran trip advisor and explain your case for its specialist.

  • Shiraz

Shiraz provides very high quality Medical services and is one of the most popular medical tourism destinations. Treatments in Shiraz are comparable with those offered in advanced countries for health tourism and have specialists for orthopedics, cosmetic surgery and dental treatments with prices lower than other countries. It is estimated that by travelling to Iran, an international patient can save up to 50% on its treatment.

Shiraz Centre of Transplantation is one of the largest of its kind in the region

  • Razavi Hospital in Mashhad

Razavi Hospital in Mashhad is one of the best hospitals in the world. It was inaugurated in 2006 in order to take the first step towards fulfilling a great expectation that is enjoying a unique medical center for offering services to Iranian and foreign in a modern and unique environment.

Razavi Hospital has many centers, clinics, departments, wards and units such as Three Cardiac Wards, Angiography, Dentistry, Nuclear Medicine, Clinic, IVF Department and so on.

  • Noor Ophthalmology Complex in Tehran

Noor Ophthalmology Complex became operational in 1993 by establishing the first ophthalmology subspecialty clinic in Iran. Subspecialists in all fields of ophthalmology are present in Noor Clinic to examine and treat patients. All ophthalmology services from primary examinations, imaging, and optometry to advanced surgeries like cornea grafting are conducted in this center.

 Noor Hospital was the first private ophthalmology hospital in Iran that enjoyed referral and subspecialty consulting systems, dexterous updated ophthalmologists, state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment equipment, skillful and kind personnel, and a relaxing and beautiful environment.  All these came to furnish our clients with decent services and pioneer in scientific, practical and technological arena and maintain its superiority in the country and the region.

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