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Abyaneh Village

Abyaneh is one of the most famous and historical village in Iran, located in southeast of Kashan in Esfahan province

Abyaneh is one of the most famous and historical village in Iran, located in southeast of Kashan in Esfahan province. Every year numerous tourists decide to visit this amazing village. The first thing which attracts a visitor is the unique architecture. The houses are arranged like steps up the hillside, making the roofs of some houses the front yards of the next one up. Using traditional materials such as timber, straw and clay for the roofs and yards along with red mud bricks for the walls, the village is a picture of rural calmness and a great base for local walks. The trees surrounding the village frame the landscape, especially during spring.

The ancient village is a muddle of narrow and sloped lanes, and crumbling mud-brick houses with lattice windows and fragile wooden balconies that cling to the slope. The terrain around Abyaneh contains iron oxides which give it a reddish color, and because the houses are built with mud bricks.

Abyaneh is truly a living piece of history. Its architectural styles (all in red clay) the lifestyle of locals and their traditions have survived practically unchanged for hundreds of years, making it an unforgettable place to visit. This wonderful village transcends the boundaries of time and space and experience the ancient civilization and culture of Iran.

A woman in the village typically wears a white long scarf (covering the shoulders and upper trunk) which has a colorful pattern and a short skirt. The Local people in this village have persistently maintained this traditional costume.

Although the village is small in size, but it has many untold tales inside the minds of its residents and there are many enigmatic things to be explored by you the visitor who is in love with discovering new things about the past time. All the above-mentioned words have made this magical village worth a visit by any tourist visiting Iran

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