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Hamadan is one of the world’s ancient greatest cities. Its historical origins date back to several centuries BCE

The city of Hamadan is the capital of Hamedan province, located at a distance of 337 kilometers from Tehran. . The city was the Median Empire’s capital before they formed a union with the Persians and also served as the summer capital of the Achaemenid Empire which was then called Ecbatana

Hamedan is full of various and diverse tourist attractions. The most famous historical attraction of the city is GanjNameh – two almost identical, Achaemenid inscriptions, by Darius I the Great (r.522-465) and Xerxes (r.486-465), describing the lineage and deeds of the kings. The tomb of Avicenna (the great philosopher, scientist, and physician) and The tomb of BabaTaher (the great mystic poet) are also very popular and well-known monument in Hamedan

Besides heritage monument, Hamedan gives the opportunity for adventure activities. AliSadr Cave which is one of the world’s largest water caves in the world is located near Hamedan city and attracts numerous visitors every year

Skiing in the Tarik-dareh Ski Resort (the third noteworthy ski resorts in Iran), rock climbing and hiking in Alvand mountain range, experience Best adrenaline sports in sports and cultural village tourist Ganjnameh including Cable Carrail sledTelecabinbungee jumping and Tyrolean traverse in Hamadan are so attractive and fun.

Hamadan is one of the main centers of carpet weaving in Iran and has always been well known for handicrafts made of wood and leather, ceramic works, traditional glasses, Kilims, and beautiful carpets. Most of the foreign and domestic tourists purchase the local handicrafts

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