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Kashan is a city located in the northwestern part of Iran in Esfahan province which is one of the oldest human settlements in the world

Archaeological remains of artifacts and buildings dating back 9,000 years can still be found in this city. This city is a must-see destination for every visitor and many tourists, who make a journey to Iran, would like to visit Kashan because of its memorable view sights and various ancient and traditional arts attributed to this town

There are a lot of archaeological sites in Kashan such as many Historical Houses, Fin Garden (registered on UNESCO World Heritage List), Silk Hill (a heritage of more than 7000 years) and Karavansara at the Maranjab dessert

One of the wonders of Iran is the growth of most beautiful and perfumed flowers in Kashan. In the spring and summer, the city has become one of the most important destinations for tourists and many holidaymakers travel to Kashan to visit the historical and natural attractions of this city and also participate in the rosewater festival in Kashan which is a long-standing and spectacular traditional ceremony of Kashan. The rosewater festival date backs to many years ago; this festival in May 2018, attended by 80 countries

Kashan is also famous for its traditional Persian rugs. You can still buy these in shops all over the city, including the Kashan Bazaar.

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