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Kerman is located in southeastern Iran and is one of the most favourite and fantastic cities in Iran. Dou to a long history and rich cultural heritage, it has about 7,000 historical attractions, and 700 of these beautiful works registered in the national monuments list

It is also the 5 most historic and ancient cities in Iran. Kerman has number one place in Iran with the highest number of registered UNESCO Heritages. Visitors will miss something if not visiting Kerman. Considering 5 UNESCO heritages in Kerman, including Shahzadeh garden, Meymand village, Qanats and Lut desert, makes Kerman a unique place for visitors from around the world

Every year, the city of Kerman Iran has hosted a great number of foreign and Iranian tourists because the city has a special situation in history, geography and culture. It has always posed as one of the most important and a must-see destination for tourists.

The city is the largest carpet producing and exporting center in Iran and also a large producer of pistachios on the world market.

Kerman in all seasons has Four Seasons in the wide province. In the north, south, west or east of this province, there are different weather. Any season you travel to Kerman, there are attractions to visit. There is no limitation of time of travelling to Kerman, any time you come to visit there are many valuable attractions to visit.

Natural attractions include thermal and mineral springs, recreational areas, verdant spaces, altitudes and peaks, lakes, pools, protected areas and the special desert features for adventure seekers.

The squares were surrounded by urban elements such as bazaars, caravanserais, and schools. Some old mosques can also be found in Kerman architecture. Moreover, Kerman Iran Architecture includes a luxuriant garden in the west of the city of Kerman Iran.

For the ones who seek nature tourism, Kerman desert and Kerman Mountains are the good choices among Kerman tourist places as Kerman city (Kerman Tourism) lies on the sandy plain and is surrounded by mountains.

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