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Mesr Desert | Iran Trip Tailor

Mesr Desert

Mesr is a wonderfully beautiful and dazzling desert near Jandaq city in Esfahan Province, Iran

Mesr is a wonderfully beautiful and dazzling desert near Jandaq city in Esfahan Province, Iran. This desert represents an interesting scene of the integrated performance of geomorphic and geologic processes and climate changes.

It is a special place for a great number of tourists and travelers who are looking for relaxation and meditation and those who are looking for adventurous experiences. It is so interesting visiting such a place, feeling comfortable away from any anxiety or stress, just having fun and so much laughing living in this pure nature.

The fabulous sunset of the desert, the moonrise, the stars, the dunes, the camels, the traditional houses catch every tourist’s eyes and the silence of the desert can be heard everywhere.

One of the attractions of any desert is the beauty of the sky at nights. But, in Mesr, you can observe the beauties without telescope.

Most significant thins to do in the village are shopping the handmade artistic souvenir of “Mesr” village, making a fire at night and reading storybook and watching the stars in the silence of the desert night.

Jaunting through the desert by long walking on warm sandhills during the day is another pleasure activity that many tourists like to do in Mesr desert because the sands are very smooth and warm. Also, there is an opportunity to climb up the sand hills and look at the desert from the top of them, enjoying the spectacular landscape.

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