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Tchogha Zanbil

Tchogha Zanbil historical site is an ancient city located near Susa City in the southwest of Iran

Tchogha Zanbil historical site is an ancient city located near Susa City in the southwest of Iran. The site has been established by the Elamite Kingdom in the 13th century BC. This city was composed of different parts such as ziggurat, barriers, entrance gates, temples, houses, palaces, sewage system and had 3 exterior, central and interior barriers. The magnificent ziggurat is considered to be the best-preserved example of an ancient construction in the world. In 1979, Tchogha Zanbil became the first Persian site to be inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

This holy monument was the first religious building in Persia and was constructed in 5 floors as tall as 52 meters. Unfortunately, only two floors and half of the 5 stories are left and the rest are ruined during a long time of history. The fifth floor, which was the top floor of this temple, was only used by the priest and the royal family; it was also the specific place of Susa’s special God. This building was constructed by adobe and brick and was gifted to Elamite deities.The main building materials in Tchogha Zanbil were mud bricks and occasionally baked bricks. The complex is protected by three concentric walls, which define the main areas of the ‘town’.

Similar inscriptions are visibly carved in cuneiform on the walls of the building. The inscriptions include the King’s name, his purpose to construct the temple. The ziggurat temple was in use until Assyrian king Ashurbanipal destroyed Tchogha Zanbil in 640 BC.

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